Company Presentation :

Currently undergoing restructuring, the AudioTouch company is located in France. With the help of industrial partners and regional institutions, we design and realize innovative audiovisual equipments with professional quality.

History :

Based on the concept of 'hardware' audio devices controled by 'Plugins', our team of analog electronic enthusiasts and computer scientists 'geeks' has developed an unique technology that allows outstanding ergonomics combined with an audio quality 'uncompromising'.
After the completion of several prototypes and following successful tests with demanding professionals, the stereo compressor C-Buss is presented to the public and the press.
Hailed by critics, with its unique concept and his achievement quality, the C-Buss is the first of a range of innovative audio devices "designed for users" ...

Key dates:

2009: invention of the concept of audio devices 'hardware' driven by 'Plugins' virtual
2010: creation of the brand " AudioTouch " for the production and marketing of audio gear
2012: patent deposit for ergonomic user interface "an@touch"
2013: presentation of the AudioTouch concept with the stereo compressor C-Buss
2014: marketing of the c-buss
2014 AudioTouch