Is it a VCA compressor?

Yes, the C-Buss is a stereo compressor that incorporates the best of the VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) 100% analog but digitally controlled, and with many options ...

What is "DYNESS" mode ?

The DYNESS parameter (without the "ISOSONIC" function) is a configurable equalizer (3 levels) on the side chain (sidechain) that reduces the phenomena of 'pumping' when the signal contains low frequency. For example, in order not to compress the kick drum or bass of your Master Buss...

What is the "ISOSONIC" function?

The "ISOSONIC" feature is part of "DYNESS" mode: it has for effect an additional compression on medium frequencies in order to soften some aggressive sounds. In conjunction with the parameter DYNESS there has 3 levels of possible settings
This is in fact an accentuation of the mediums on the sensing circuit which provides new opportunities. Test on voice , guitars, etc ...

What is the "VINTAGE" mode?

This is a special mode with a compression-type post-VCA "feed-back" combined with the addition of 'colored' audio transformers.

How is the link between the C-Buss and PC / MAC?

The connection is done via MIDI, C-Buss has a MIDI IN and MIDI OUT/THRU.
With one standard MIDI interface (USB, Ethernet, etc ...), you can chain multiple racks (up to 16).
C-Buss is fully controllable via its dedicated software (plug-in VST / RTAS / AAX / AU) integrated into a compatible sequencer. When the rack is synchronized with the software, the REMOTE indicator turns blue.

What are compatible séquenceurs?

The plug-in C-Buss is multi-formats (VST / RTAS / AAX / AU) and multi-platform 32/64bits (Windows / PC from XP and OSX / Mac from 10.6).
It is compatible with most audio Sequencers:
- Avid Protools 10 and 11
- Steinberg Cubase (5 to 7) and Nuendo
- Cakewalk Sonar (X1 to 3)
- Presonus Studio One
- Ableton Live
- Cockos Reaper
- Apple Logic

What is the MIDI number?

At the back of each rack, 4 small switches allows to identify devices in a MIDI chain.
This 'MIDI number' also allows at the associated software to choose which rack it controls.

What is the correct use? Live? Studio?

Anything is possible, but there are basically two styles of use, with or without a computer PC/Mac :
- without PC/Mac : this is a compressor 'hardware' analog with a mode of use "an@touch" .
You can record from the Front Panel settings you love: 21 internal memories are available and you can of course recall them, in Live, without a computer.
- With PC / Mac : it is always a 'hardware' Analog compressor that works in "an@touch" mode (except the management of internal memory ) with a possibility of 'connection' :
The compressor is connected to your PC/Mac via a MIDI interface.
A compatible sequencer is launched, put the plug-in on a track, configure (MIDI port and number) .
You can then 'sync' the rack with the plug-in (if you want to keep adjusting the rack) OR the plug-in with the rack (if you want to send a preset plug-in to the rack).
When synchronization is OK, a blue LED lights on (RMT) to the left of the rack.
From there, you can control the rack with the plug-in AND, at the same time control the plug-in with the rack.
When you like a setting, you can save it as a preset on the plug-in.
This preset can then be recalled later... like all presets plug-ins, except that when you load a preset in the plug-in, it is all the settings of your rack changing...
The same way as other plug-ins, automation works: you can record movements made ​​from Front Panel of Rack AND/OR the mouse on the plug in in your sequencer then you can "read" these rack/plug-in movements at will...
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